About WeddingCaddy
Being in the wedding business for over 10 years, we know what brides and wedding professional needs when it comes to wedding planning. Since no perfect wedding can be planned entirely on the desktop, mobility holds the key to a successful wedding planning. This is why WeddingCaddy is dedicated to provide a suite of mobile wedding apps for brides and wedding professionals to use at home, at work, and on the go!

One of the key features that make us different, is our “Sync” feature: Synchronization between our apps and weddingcaddy.com

- Have a powerful desktop and Internet connectivity?
Manage your wedding at www.weddingcaddy.com. When you are done, sync the latest version to your mobile apps so it's with you on the go!

- On the road or in a coffee shop enjoying your latte?
Launch our App and manage your wedding using your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Simply sync any changes/updates to weddingcaddy.com then you will always up-to-date.

Forget about all wedding planning websites and desktop software that confine you to stationary desktop or bulky laptops. Forget about all other mobile apps in the Apple app store that either has no online data entry or ties only to Internet connectivity to manage your wedding.

Heavy data entry can be done comfortably on weddingcaddy.com, instead of through the small keyboard on your mobile device screen. All data will also be backed-up on weddingcaddy.com every time you sync, so you can always sync your data right back onto your mobile device in case any accidents happen.

WeddingCaddy will be an essential part of your wedding planning.

Download our apps from the App Store. You will love it.